International Affairs 

Philip Spratt


The Sculptor

Dasarathi (Translated from Telugu by

N. V. R. Seshagiri Rao)


Crisis of U.N.O.

Dr. R. C. Majumdar


The Sonnets of Shakespeare

K. Viswanatham


Motives for Writing

Y. S. R. Chandran


The Communal Cataclysm

Basudha Chakravarty



K. T. Narasimha Char


Eugene O'neill and The Tragic Theatre

S. Krishnan


A Famous Dance of Long Ago

P. N. Appuswami


On Team-Work and Yes-Men

Prof. William Hookens


The Nada Yoga of Tyagaraja

T. C. A. Ramanujam


The Temple Tank

D. V. Krishna Sastri


Day's End: Adyar

Erick Thacker