‘The Triple Stream’

K. Ramakotiswara Rau


Forster on 'Meghasamdesa'

K. Viswanatham


The Dangerous Age

Dr. N. R. Deobhankar


The Soul

A. N. S. Murthi


Eddies of Memory

K. Chandrasekharan (Rendered from Tamil by the Author)



K. S. N. Brahmam


John Hampson: A Portrait and A Study

Manjeri S. Isvaran


Art, Gothic and Indian          

Dr. V. N. Sharma


Some Trends in Our Parliamentary Democracy


K. V. Rao

Three Poems

G. Sankara Kurup (Rendered from

Malayalam by V. Sreedhara Menon)


Indian Culture in Cambodia

H. I. S. Kanwar