Triple Stream

I. V. Chalapati Rao


Divine Guest

G. Sankara Bhanu


Adjusting our Lenses

Dr. V. V. B. Rama Rao


Total Acceptance

K. M. Kale


The Difference

Courtesy Sri Aurobindo’s Action


Judicial Activism

Alladi Kuppuswami


Nature’s Bards

K. V. Ramana Rao


An Anachronistic Observance

Prof. Hazara Singh


D. H. Lawrence and Sri Aurobindo on Education


Dr. M. S. Ramesh

My Senses, God, Your Gift  

K. V. Ramana Rao


Mohsin Hamid’s Moth Smoke – Reading A Multi-Layered Text


Dr. Aysha Viswamohan

Physics and Potatoes

Dr. V. L. S. Bhimasankaram


Independence Day – August 15, 2005

Shyam Sunder


The Jack Fruit

Lalitha Kumari


Francis Thomson and Gerard Manley Hopkins:

A Brief Study in Contrast


A. Hiriyannaiah

Is this the Democracy that India Deserves?

C. V. G. Krishnamurthy


Subconscious Outpouring

Dr. Manas Bakshi


Free-Verse Front in Modern Poetry

Dr. Dwa. Na. Sastry


Elegy on One’s Own Self

Raparla Janardana Rao


Bhabani Bhattacharya’s So Many Hungers! From

the Human Rights Point of View


Dr. Krushna Ch. Mishra

Aboriginal Women’s Speechless Communication


Dr. Pretti Kumar

Ms. Sudha Murty – A Role Model and Icon


I. Satyasree

Vitalising Adult Continuing Education in the New

Millennium – Tasks Ahead


S. V. Raghunath

My Last Reward

P. K. Joy


The Practice and Appreciation of Poetry

Dr. Arunachalam Angappan


Diggers’ Paradise

D. Ranga Rao


Hockey Wizard, Dhyanchand

Dr. I. Achyuta Rao


Poems from Vemana Sathakam

Dr. C. Jacob



Dr. K. Rajamouly


Readers’ Mail