Triple Stream

I. V. Chalapati Rao


Listen and You Will Hear the Sea

Noel King


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Y. V. S. S. Murthy


Country House Week-end

Geoff Sawers



K. V. Ramana Rao


Know Thy Shakespeare



Ageing gracefully

Dr. Brian Tucker & Dr. Kanakadurga


The Verdict

R. R. Menon


The Big Brother Moves

Raghunath Pradhan


Urgent Need For Environmental Preservation

Dr. R. Seshadri Naidu



K. M. Kale


Dream While You’re Awake

N. V. Subbaraman


Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidas

S. K. Mangammal Chari


New Indian English Writing: Post-Colonialism or

Politics of Rejection


R. K. Singh

Unsolicited Advice

Andavilli Satyanarayana


A Poet’s Creed

Oliver Friggieri


Tipu Sultan

Prof. Kittu Reddi



Antaryami Sahu


Role of Scientists and Technologists in



Dr. S. R. Valluri

The Struggle

Heather Kendall


The Teeth of Perjury and Immanity in The God of

Small Things


Dr. B. Parvathi

Matri Sharanam



Dalits in a Fine Balance-A Subaltern Study

Dr. R. K. Dipte


The I that is Me



Mareecha in Valmiki and Adhyatma Ramayana


M. Lakshmi

Kaloji Narayana Rao-A Relentless Fighter against



Dr. Raparla Janardhana Rao

Political Boss

Ramesh Kumar Gupta


Enlivening Cells

Pranob Kumar Majumder


The Cycle

Dr. Mula Ravi Kumar


Let the Baby Come

D. V. Sahani   


From All Directions

Kurt F. Svatek D. D



Polapragada Rajyalakshmi



Hazara Singh


The Saga of Sacrifice

Prof. Dr. Col. K. Prabhakar Rao


My Spiritual Quest

R. S. Murthy


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