Triple Stream

I. V. Chalapati Rao


On Leaving the House

G. Somaseshu


IQ Variations Among the Developed and

Underdeveloped Countries


Dr. S. R. Valluri

R.K. Narayan-A Tribute

Andavilli Satyanarayana


Realising the Language of Darkness

Dr. Manas Bakshi


Aurangzeb - Dara Shikoh

Gerald James Larson


A Poetic Champion of Chemistry

Giovanni Malito


It Hardly Helps

R. K. Singh


Falaknuma Express

D. Ranga Rao


Dharma and Governance

Aga Mujahid Hussain


Dumbfounded Counting Time

Dr. Oliver Friggiere



Dr. M. Padmini Devi



Subbuswamy Krishnamurty


Bhagavadgita and Thomas A Kempis Imitation of

Christ - A Comparative Study


Prof. K. Mahankali Rao

Religion Vs. Humanism

Tony Akkermans


Sermons in Stones

D. Ramakrishna


I Met Jesus, Face To Face




K. M. Kale



Dr. C. L. N. Moorty


Views on Reviews

Dr. P. Dakshinamurty


Indian Political Scene

Dr. R. Gangadhara Sastry


Pridhvi and We

Lalitha Kumari


River Jhelum -The Goddess Vitasta

S. V. Taneja


Broken Shards

Chandra Dorai


The Passing Away of Stella Browning

Dr. H. Tulsi


Each Time I Want To Die

Sailendra Narayan Tripathy


Refusing To Be History

S. Samal



Les Merton


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