What is Culture?

Dr. Sir C. P. Ramaswami Aiyar


Vivekananda’s Vedantic Socialism

Prof. K. Venkata Reddy


The Saviour

M. Ramakrishna Rao (Free adaptation from Telugu Bhagavatam by Bammera Potana)


Desire and Death in Anita Desai’s “Cry,

the Peacock”


Dr. K. C. Baral and Mrs. C. K. Naik

Form and Flow

R. K. Singh


The Theme of Death in Whitman’s Poetry

J. L. Chamundeswari Devi


A Rainy Night

Krishna Pachegaonkar


Marriage Procession

Munshi Prem Chand  (Translated from Hindi by Madan Gupta)



Tiruvalluvar (Translated from Tamil by R. Sundaresan)


The Elizabethan Theatre

Dr. D. Anjaneyulu


The Grindstones

Iftikhar Husain Rizvi


Ananda Coomaraswamy: A Confluence of

East and West


A. Ranganathan

The Mirror of Life

C. Jacob


Viswanatha: The Living Legend in Indian



Seshendra Sharma

Sweet Melodies

P. V. Srikanth


The Criticism of Nissim Ezekiel: An



Bijay Kumar Das

Administration of Justice in Tamil



Dr. R. Subramanian

A New Year Poem

Prof. Niranjana Mishra


The English of Mahatma Gandhi: A note

on his Style


C. G. K. Murthy

Oh Lord!

Vasantarao Venkata Rao



Prapanjan (Translated from Tamil by P. Raja)


Music of the Soul

Betty Paul


Invocation to Mother Compassion

Mrs. C. Vedavathi  (Translated from Telugu by D. Ramalingam)


The Wayward Woman in the “Serious

Plays “of Sir Arthur Wing Pinero


M. Venkateswara Rao

When Stones Dance

Dr. Dhara Ramanadha Sastry


Sealed with Smile

Prof. Kota S. R. Sarma


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