Triple Stream - Pursuit of Happiness

I. V. Chalapathi Rao



K. M. Kale


Personality and the Ideal of the Peoples State

Adolf Hitler


Human Ethics Evolved by the End of Second

Millennium A.D.


Dr. I. Achyutarao

Thou Art All

Srinivasa Rangaswamy



Dr. R. Janardana Rao


Oldman and Those Crones

Dr. V. V. B. Rama Rao


The New Millennium

P. N. Sampath


Indian Political Scene

Dr. R. Gangadhar Shastri


Hot Juice in August

T. Anders Carson


Is Ahalya Controversial?

Dr. M. Lakshmi


The Elopement of Anasuya

Dr. Vasa Prabhavati


I Thus Question The Universal Mother

B. Indira Kumari


Absolute Art

Dr. Sanjiv Dev


Music and Movements in Four Quarters

Dr. Shailendra Kumar Mukul


The Original Sin: A Controversial Question

Dr. R. S. Tiwary


The Eyes

Dr. V. Subhadra Devi


Voyage in Wonders

Pronab Kumar Majumdar


The Earth Charter

Rio De Jenetro 


Hymn To Goodness Earth (Bhu)



The Vivekananda Rock

Prof. K. B. Sitaramayya


The Last Leap Year

Dr. R. Rabindranath Menon


Orissa Super Cyclone

Pronab Kumar Majumdar


Shirdi Ke Sai Baba

A. Satyavathi


The Rise of A Rose

B. V. R. Kiran


My Land

Dr. B. Parvathi


A Renewed Lease of Life

Tulsi Naidu


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