Triple Stream

I. V. Chalapati Rao


State and Civil Society in China and India

- some preliminary measures


Dr. A. R. Basu

Gandhi and Nehru as Autobiographers

Dr. D. Anjaneyulu



S. Chandra Sekhar



Dr. Ravuri Bharadwaja


Million Pound First Folio in India

Anil Rana


The Watchman

R. Murugan


Universality of T.V. Reddy’s Poetry

Prof Y. P. Singh


Astrology and Modern Science

Dr. H. S. Visweswariah


Reaching out

Dr. R. Janardana Rao


The Theme of Love in Donne’s Elegies

G. Someseshu


Time Measurements over the Centuries


T. V. Prafulla Kumar


Excerpts from Bhaskara Satakam

Mrs. B. Indira Kumari


Risk is Commitment of Living Death

Andrew Cohen


Who am I?

K. Srinivasan


Hair – cutting

Niranjana Misra


The Political Scene

Mamidipudi Pattabhiram


A Prayer to Tamil Motherland

Prof. Gandham Appa Rao


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