Triple Stream

I. V. Chalapati Rao


Daughter of God

Tommy F.O’ Connor


Aham Brahmasmi

C. G. Vishwanath


Wheels Within Wheels

V. Lalitha Kumari


Kripalani on Gandhian Thought

J. B. Kriplani  


Time Up, Its Going, Going

Dr. V. V. B. Rama Rao


Traditional Water Conservation in Uplands of



C. Sarvottam Rao

After Their Boy Leaves Home

Noel King


Ethical Values in Contemporary India



Influence of Women on Mulkraj Anand and

Influence of Mulkraj Anand on Women


Dr. Pretti Kumar

Bermuda Triangle

K. Krishna Prasad


A Recollection

C. S. Murthy


Vaahana Veera

Vemaraju Narasimha Rao


Spark from a Smouldering Altar

Prof. C. Sitarama Murty


A Real Friend

Dr. E. Pullaiah


At a Closer Look      

Kurt F. Svatek, D.D.


The Role and Power of Media in India

M. Ramakrishnayya


The Human Soul

Dr. V. Seshagiri Rao


Reality of Life

Sravani, V.S.R.


Dream Achiever

Sravani, V.S.R.


Religion is the Main Enemy of Women’s



Taslima Nasreen

Affirmative Action as an Instrument of Equality

and Social Justice


Prof. G. Surender Reddy

Filigree and Sovereignty of Human Bonds – A

Study of Dynamics in Ameeta Rathore’s Blood Ties


P. Rajendra Karmarkar

D. C. Chambial’s “Before the Petals Unfold”-An



Dr. Mahesh P. D. Singh.

The Darkest Nights

Kuldeep Verma


Joshuva’s Poetry: A Subaltern Study

M. R. C. Mohan Rao  


To The Dear Departed

Srinivasa Rangaswamy


Literacy Perspective in India

S. V. Raghunath


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