The World is My Home




Say, “The world is my home,”

And happy be–

The golden key to tranquillity.

Say, “This land is mine and that thine,”

And restless be–

Road to bloodshed and ruin.


Aren’t ‘Native lands’ parcels

Of the one wide Earth,

Like portions of a common house

Each having a different hearth?

Aren’t the Nations members

Of one Family of God

Inhabiting the wide Universe?


Be not colour the cause of hate,

Much less tongue,

For the one is a freak of climate

And from common root the other sprung.

Let men cease to be goats or sheep:

No more hear a fanatic’s call;

Hear they may, but not leap

Headlong lest they should fall.


Remember the world is thy home;

Remember others’ pain is thine;

.Remember others’ rights and thy limits–

Then, earth is heaven and men divine!