Taj by night! What a lovely sight!

See it once. It lingers long

In your mind–Vivid, Lucid, day and night.

Taj! to Externity you belong.


A Queen’s beauty, the love of a king,

Epitomized in marble white,

For the world to see, admire and sing

Praises of a love ever-bright.


But the hands that wrought this art Divine

What prompted them? Greed or Art?

Art alone. The monument itself is the sign

What else can express the pangs of Heart?


Taj acclaimed as a wonder of the world

Brings Glory to our Beloved Land.

It’s also the Flag of Honour unfurled

In tribute to the Artist-Hand.


The full moon floods with her Silvery Foam

the Taj. The Jumna ripples along.

How enchanting looks the inviting Dome?

Words can’t tell. Taj is a celestial Song.