(Rendered by the Poet from Bengali)


Immortality is my right,

Sustained as I am

By the vitality of the age-old Himalayas

Unmoved in deep meditation

And the storm-tossed Indian Ocean.

Firm in this belief

I have trudged through thousand years

To reach at last this age of transition.


Many are the mistakes I have committed,

Many are the volcanoes I have walked upon

And then learnt that life is true,

True are the winter and the summer too.

Where is the recognition of death?

If the earth can relax

In her heaven of chastity,

I can as well weave my dream phantasy.


The poverty and the squalor of life around

Leave me uninterested.

As I listen to the distant sound

Of another life yet to be born

I shut the door of my heaven

On the face of the beggars

Like a rich man

Smiling with contempt at his poor relations

And I hear half-audible murmurs,

‘This is what Fate has ordained.’