A. L. J. RAO


When consciousness loses height

and glides like a plane

running out of oil

into the valley of life,

we see life in perspective.


There come the ‘I’ and ‘Thou’,

Love and Hate

joy and sorrow,

and awareness is polarised into perception,

thru’ the triangular mesh

of knowledge, knower and the known;

Eternity is drawn out

into the illusion of time

and space weaves the spectres of form,

and sound utters names,

and masquerades in music

and wears the fancy dress

of the written and the spoken word.


Consciousness embodied as Man,

gets woven into the flesh,

which grows, blooms and, withers away

scattering its seed,

and so

from the crest of life, Man descends into death

A Mystery.

Life visible is only a moving reel

seen through a slit illumined.