By The Editor

New Beginnings in Indian Culture

By C. Jinarajadasa


Thy Chariot

By Viswanatha Satyanarayana

The Two Paths

By Viswanatha Satyanarayana

In Quest of a Patron

By Oppilamani-Pulavar, Translated by T.G. Aravamuthan

A Poem

By D. V. Krishna Sastri,

Declaration of Rights

By S. Srinivasa Iyengar

South Indian Portraits

By T. G. Aravamuthan

The Renaissance in Andhra

By K. Ramakotiswara Rao

Folk-Art in India

By James H. Cousins

Swaraj and Indian States

By Dewan Bahadur M. Ramachandra Rao

The Indian Renaissance

By Bhagat Ram Kumar

Venkata II of Chandragiri:

The Last Phase

By The Rev. Henry Heras

Rural Reconstruction

By The Hon'ble V. Ramadas Pantulu

Durvinita and Vikramaditya I

By N. Venkataramanaiya

Annapurna Devi

By N. Venkataramanaiya

By K. Iswara Dutt

By The Editor

By Mahatma Gandhi


The Idealist in Life

By Chavali V. Krishnaiya

The Gods of the Tamils

By V. Narayanan


Krishna to Radha

By Vedurumudi Krishna Rao and Translated by Himself