Raghavachari as ‘Pathan Rustum’

By P. V. Rajamannar, B.A., B.L.

’Tis He

(From the Tamil Hymn of Nam-Alvar)

Independence Vs. Dominion Status

By The Editor

The Flowers of the Skies

By ‘Ananda Kanda’

Translated from Kannada By V. G. Gokak

'In Ecstacy'

By V. V. Chintamani

War Clouds in Europe

By D. Trivikrama Rao


By Kanakadasa


The Heart of Poor Cattle-Keeper

By Oswald Couldrey

'Be Mine, Dearest'

By M. T. Patwardhan

Modern Marathi Literature: The Beginnings

By R. L. Rau

Sir P. S. Sivaswamy Aiyar: A Sketch

By ‘Hiram’

British Beginnings in Andhra Desa

By Lanka Sundaram, M.A., F. R. E. S.

Andhra Liberals: The Famous Trinity

By K. Iswara Dutt

Where Old Coins are Found

By T. G. Aravamuthan

The Kellog Peace Treaty: Retrospect and Prospect

By C. V. Hanumantha Rao, M.A.

Glimpses of Post- War English Poetry

By M. V. Ramana Rao, B.A.

The Tamil Academy: A Myth

By V. Narayanan

I Remember

By M. T. Patwardhan

Village Communal Organisations

By K. R. R. Sastry, M. A., B. L.; F. R. E. S.

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