The Parting of Ways

By B. Pattabhi Sitaramayya

Frescoes from Kerala

By K. V. Ramachandran

On Choosing Names

By K. S.


By Nolini Kanto Gupto

Chitrangi: A Study in Character

By Prof. T. Virabhadrudu

Suggestions for a Rural Philosophy

By S. V. Ramamurty, M. A., I.C.S.

A Study of Temper

By Buddhadev Bose

Contemporary English Poetry

By Principal P. Seshadri, M. A.

The Postal Runner

By N. M. Shah, M. Sc.

Sabarmati and its Sage

By G. Venkatachalam

The Sounding-Board

Sankara Krishna Chettur

The Approaches to Indian Art

By Shishir Coomar Mitra

New Ways in Marathi Literature

By R. L. Rau

Oceans and Mountains

By D. R. Dinshaw

William Hazlitt: A Centenary Tribute

By C. L. R. Sastri, B. Sc.

On Pedestrians

By K. Chandrasekharan, M. A., B. L.

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