Allan Octavian Hume

K. Iswara Dutt



Dash Benhur


Indian National Congress: First Presidential Address


W. C. Bonnerjee

“I Write”

V. Zvyagintseva (Translated from Russian by G. K G. Joshi)


The Early Phase of the Congress

Dr. B. Pattabhi Sitaramayya



Harshdev Madhav


The Congress: Which Way?

M. Chalapathi Rau


Birth of the Congress

Sankar Ghose


A Moment of Destiny

N. D. Rose


Gokhale and the Liberals

B. Shiva Rao


Discovering a New World

Umanath Bhattacharya


The National Movement: Contribution of the South


Dr. D. Anjaneyulu


Laxmi Narayan Mahapatra (Translated from Oriya by the Poet)


Reflections on the Congress

K. Chandrasekharan



Dr. Bezawada Gopala Reddy (Rendered from the Telugu by D. Anjaneyulu)


Srinivasa Sastri and Annie Besant – II

Prof. T. N. Jagadisan


A Poet Indeed he Was

Prof. P. P. Sharma


The Sky Lamp

Jayashankar Prasad (Translated from Hindi by Dr. Ravi S. Varma)


Mysticism in Modern Poetry

Dilip Chatterjee


The Impact of Gandhi on Dr. Bhabani Bhattacharya’s Novels


Dr. P. N. Bhatt

Tyagaraja’s Musical Compositions

Prof. T. Prabhakar


Tolstoy: The Supreme Genius

D. V. S. R. Murty