Language Phobia and Unity of India

Dr. C. D. Deshmukh

(Reprinted from Triveni, July 1963)


He will Appear

Rendered from Tamil by T. G. Aravamuthan

(Reprinted from Triveni, March 1928)


George S. Arundale

K. Sankara Menon



Vallathol Narayana Menon

(Translated from Malayalam by K. S. Ananta Subramony)


Humanism of Tolstoy’s Characters

Dr. Mulk Raj Anand


Objective Correlative as Technique of Suggestion


M. Laxmana Murthy

Inter-State Relations

Dr. M. R. Acharya


Let us Condemn...

(Translated from Tamil by R. Sundaresan)


The Encounter

Hari Hara Das

(Translated from Oriya by Brajkishore Das)


The Fish-eyed Goddess

R. S. Sudarshanam

(Translated from the Telugu original by the author)



Nalin Vilochan Sharma

(Translated from Hindi by Dr. Prabhakar Machwe)


Islamic Calligraphy

Sanjiva Dev


Concerning Indian Writing in English

Purasu Balakrishnan


Love Thy Language But don’t hate other Languages


Dr. C. Radhakrishna Sarma

Contemporary Indo-Anglian Fiction

R. C. Sharma


E. M. Forster – A Critical Survey

P. G. Krishna Murthy


Literary Achievements of Tallapaka Poets


B. Rajanikanta Rao