Gandhi: The Immortal Symbol of Love

Dr. Sir S. Radhakrishnan


Ever with Man

Rabin Sur (Translated from Bengali by Jaydeb Bhattacharya)


The Contemporary Indian Experience

Dr. R. V. R. Chandrarekhara Rao


Last Moment

Prof. S. Rengachari


Nehru the Nation-Builder

Prof. M. Venkatarangaiya


The Man Behind the Mask

P. K. Joy


Father, Guide and Mentor

M. Pattabhiram


The Dance

M. P. Vinod


My Master Garu

Dr. A. S. Raman


Inscrutable Justice

B. K. Tripathy


The Poetry of Laxmi Narayan



P. Asit Kumar


Intuition and Intelligence

Dr. Sankara Sreerama Rao


Aandaal’s Tiruppaavai-III

Prof. William Jackson


Images in Alphabet

R. S. Sudarshanam


“Once There was a War” and

Steinbeck’s use of Fictional Modes


Dr. Mashkoor Ali Syed


Indira Sant  (Translated from Marathi by Shrikant Tambe)


Rajaji as a Political Thinker

Dr. D. Anjaneyulu



Betty Paul


Asaf Ali

Prof. P. S. Sundaram


The Beggar of Love

K. Venugnpala Rao


Lumley in John Wain’s “Hurry on



Sibabrata Das


The Dilemma

Marvel A. Bari


C. L. R. Sastri

Dr. D. Anjaneyulu


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