Goethe: Poet of Human Destiny

Dr. K. R. Srinivasa Iyengar


A Prayer Answered

Prof. P. P. Sharma


The Theory of Comparative Literature

Dr. J. Parthasarathi


The Contrast

H. N. Hari


Historicity and Personality of Sri Krishna

Dr. R. C. Gupta


The Mode of Supreme

Bhartruhari (Translated from Sanskrit by Inguva Raghava Rao)


Rudyard Kipling: A Reappraisal

C. L. R. Sastri


A Little Astray

Hasit Buch (Translated from Gujarati by the author)



A. Venkateswara Rao


The Kudu Kudu Pandi

T. R. Rajagopala Aiyer



Agnes Sotiracopoulou-Skina (Translated from the Greek by the author and Hugh McKinley)


Gauri Deshpande's Poetry

S. D. Sharma



Dr. G. Sriramamurty (Translated from the original in Telugu)


Portrayal of Gandhi in “Waiting for the Mahatma”


R. A. Jayantha

In the Canvas of the Sky

Laxmi Narayan Mahapatra (Translated from the Oriya by the poet)


Subramania Bharati

R. Sundaresan


Two Poems of Bharati

Translated from Tamil by M. S. Ramaswamy


Art and the Novel

K. Leela Mohana Rao


Books and Authors

Dr. D. Anjaneyulu


The Awful Quake

M. G. Narasimha Murthy