The Heart of the Poor Cattle-keeper

Oswald Couldrey


Perseus the Hero

Romen Palit


The Bird of Prey

Shiv Kumar Batalvi (Translated from Punjabi by Jaskiran Grewal)


An "Angry Young Man" Whose anger stems from love


K. Venkata Reddy

Aspects of Mysticism in “Savitri”

R. V. Kulkarni


The Myrtle

"Srivirinchi" (Translated by the author from his original in Telugu)


Poems of Avvayyar

R. Sundaresan (Translations of some Tamil poem of Avvayyar, the great Tamil poetess)


Indo-English Women Playwrights

S. Krishna Bhatta


The Hunter

R. S. Sudarshanam (Translated from Telugu by the author)


The Novelist as a Marxist

K. R. Rao


Love of God in Saivism

K. Subrahmanyam


Ray of Hope

J. Bhagyalakshmi


Bharati's Kuyil Song: An Assessment


R. Subramanian


D. V. Krishna Sastri-His Muse and Message


D. Anjaneyulu

Krishna Sastri's Poems

D. V. Krishna Sastri (Translated by Dr B.V.L. Narayanarow)


A Poet's Credo

D. V. Krishna Sastri (Rendered from the Telugu original by Hemalata)



D. V. Krishna Sastri (Translated from Telugu By B. Rajanikanta Rao)